library services


Knowledge centres and libraries play a vital role in keeping patrons aware of the latest developments in their field.  In the past librarians have built extensive physical collections of paper-based publications. Now in the 21st century much news and information is published quickly and conveniently on the internet.  Increasingly documents may never find their way into paper publication.

The challenges for libraries are how to keep across the volume of new and relevant content published on the internet, how to bring it to the attention of the library's patrons and how to retain and maintain it in electronic collections.

Enter Inter-publish

Inter-publish allows information professionals to identify collections of internet-based information sources (websites, RSS feeds, email inboxes)  to be automatically monitored for new documents matching the research interests of different groups of patrons.  When new matches are found Inter-publish  extracts key metadata, such as date, author, title and transcript.  If a PDF file attached to the web page, this will be downloaded.  If not, it will capture the actual HTML pages as PDFs.

It is complemented by our Artificial Intelligence-enhanced discovery services providing content integration across many different sources.

Captured documents are held in Inter-publish's local database where they can be quickly reviewed and can be reviewed/curated. Options available to the curator include:

  • deleting the document
  • modifying the metadata associated with the document
  • publishing the document to matching interest group mailing lists
  • publishing the document to a collection held in a Koha or DSpace repository

Much of the functionality behind the scanning and capture process is configurable and can be tailored to the specific research requirements of each library.